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Postpartum Doula

As your postpartum doula I will walk with you during these beautiful yet tricky times with a newborn. I will listen without judgement, anticipate what needs to be done around the home, and help nourish you from the inside out. I promise to help you listen to your intuition, and to honor your role as the guide in your home. 

I've been trained in diapering, baby wearing, feeding education, infant massage, postpartum mood and anxiety events, what "normal" looks like in the postpartum period and more. I'm on your team.

I'm also available to partners. I help with including partners in different areas of connecting with your new little one, which can often be overlooked. 


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PARENT CARE: The first thing I do as I step into your home each day is ask, "What is the one thing we are going to do for you today?"


BABY CARE: I will be a sounding board for any and all concerns you have for your little one, and I will help you navigate the waters of uncertainty. 


HOUSEHOLD: Your home is your refuge, and I will help it maintain a sense of calm by helping with laundry, cooking, tidying, organizing, watering plants and more.


COOKING: As a new family, everyone needs nutritious foods. I'm here to help make that a priority. I'd be happy to make dinner for you and/or help you set up a meal train with family and friends.


INDIVIDUALIZED: Every family is different, so my care won't always look the same. I'm ready and willing to enter into your home and help create a plan that will help your family blossom with sleep, food, and whatever else you need.


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