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Pre & Postnatal Yoga


As a prenatal yoga teacher I have the honor to bring more connection and awareness to your mind, your body and your baby, all as one. Moving with intention and breath you'll be able to navigate the waters of pregnancy, labor and birth. Every day is different, and I'll help with any aches and pains that come up, as well as help you prep for labor and birth with specific body movements. I'll also end each session with a long relaxation period to help ease your mind and reduce stress.


You've had your little one (or 2, or 3!) and you are healing. Postnatal yoga ushers in awareness back to your body. Typically, I can begin working with you one week postpartum, offering breathing techniques, mindfulness, and small movements. As you begin to heal more, we can do a little more-- all while honoring your body's process. Yoga can be such a gift to a new mother. Carving out even just a small amount of time for self-care is necessary so you can focus on your heart and soul. This can be done with your baby, or as they sleep. Each session will be tuned in to what your body needs. More energy? We can do that. Restorative and quiet? You got it. I look forward to helping you turn inward and acknowledge your power in self-care. 

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